Frog Flippin Frog Replacement Chlorine Cartridge

Frog Flippin Frog Replacement Chlorine Cartridge

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Frog Flippin Frog Chlorine Cartridge 

Replacement Chlorine Cartridge for the Flippin FROG pop-up pool sanitizing system.  

Flippin' FROG™ is part of a complete pool care system that utilizes a patented mineral formula with low levels of chlorine to destroy bacteria, help maintain pH and restore water clarity.  Use with the Flippin' FROG™ replacement Chlorine Cartridge and simply twist to set and toss into the pool.  Everything is prefilled and contained for no mess, no guess and no stress pool care. 

Features & Benefits:
  • Green Mineral Cartridge: lasts 6 months or one season.
  • Blue Chlorine Cartridge: lasts 2-4 weeks.
  • Flip-Feature tells pool owner when to replace the chlorine cartridge.
  • For Pool 12' to 18' pop-up swimming pools (up to 5000 gallons).
  • Complete pool care of minerals and 50% less chlorine.
  • Adjustable for each pool's unique sanitization needs.
  • Added water polishers for a crystal clear shine.